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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Burn Brightly, Sweet One

it waits within me
celebratory enlightenment
pulls strings I never knew existed
but now understand
what understanding is all about

is it possible to live a waking dream?
float through the days where nothing 
is as it seems?
surreality takes the stage
and I can't help but watch as
she dances around my eyes

i can feel the pull of everlasting
of everything
that never was
and was always waiting for
that false proved lacking in positivity
and the light was actually just a shadow
that played upon my heart

everything is heated
like i knew it should be
how fluorescent and bright
the coloured hues burn
and how everything i
have ever known about what
i've known about
was everything that pales
in comparison to how 
sweet brightly burns.