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Friday, May 18, 2012

† Lithium Princess †

† Lithium Princess

I'm staring at a bottle of prescription pills.

I know what you are,

and what you will do to me.

You won't give me a high,

and you won't make me pleasantly numb.

You'll interfere with my life,

and stigmatize me more than I already have been.

The sickness will grow with your

increasing toxicity.

450 to six

six-100 to twelve.

Pills before bed to decrease the shaking

in limbs that used to be beautiful but

now only harbour your tremble.

Convulsing pulse;

and you'll make me thirst for something I can

never touch.

You'll make me a slave to my seemingly emotionless, emotions.

And I'll be screaming on the inside to be released

from your elemental prison.

You will try and contain all that I possess,

and in the end,

grey crystal vacancy is all that will be left.

I refuse to be your broken babydoll;

your little lithium princess.

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