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Thursday, March 8, 2012



Goodbye to you and goodnight to you.

I will wave from across moon river

as your paper boat sails away.

The wind of change has been

caught in my nets of spun silver,

yet still I see you both struggle to move on.

Let go defiant one and you too selfish one.

Clasp your hands together in the water,

baptize your memory and

mourn not the loss of eachother.

Feel the clear and cold close around the

brightness in your eyes.

Goodnight to both of you.

Time to say goodbye.

Hold tight my favored one.

Cling to me and don't let go.

This wind of change is all consuming

and if you turn your back it can drag you away.

Do not fear, but do not think for once

that your complacency is enough to save you.

There is no room here for both your

satisfaction and your saviour.

Something has to go, and although

I helped you with the worst,

you are the only one that can do the rest.

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