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Friday, February 24, 2012

The State of Darling

You know what? Life is good. Okay life is better than good, its fan-fucking-tastic. You want to know why? Because I've been working my ass off to get here, that's why.

I was always envious of those that seemed to have everything together 100% of the time and didn't really seem to have to work for anything, it just sort of manifested itself at their whim. Well upon further thinking of that thought I came to the conclusion that although people like that may seem to have it all together, they really don't. Further to say that those types of people that just have everything handed to them, well they don't fucking appreciate it one bit and become self-entitled morons that no one really likes.

Why is my life good?

Well first of all, despite missing a couple doses of my anti-depressants, I feel rather well. That's not to say that I'm immediately going to throw them away and start this life off of the very things that keep me somewhat sane BUT it is to say that perhaps the state of my life plays a bigger part on my bipolar than I originally thought.

Secondly, I'm all registered for Norwescon which means that I'm taking a 5 blissful day vacation from work to attend the festivities. I'm excited to attend this year because as lame as it sounds, this will be my first year attending. I figured by taking the time off of work I can do this shit in style and to make the most out of my experiences. I'm going to be loaned out by V. to serve a very fabulous couple for an evening, which I have to say that I am very much looking forward to. It will give me an opportunity to perfect some more of my skills and hopefully I can leave a good impression on my "Masters" for the evening. I will also be volunteering for Dethcon it looks like and I'm looking forward to that opportunity as well. I'm excited all around to be participating in everything that Norwescon has to offer  -- with permission of course!

Third. I feel content and secure in my current arrangement with V. As funny as it sounds, I have grown a lot in the past week and a half and it feels like i have my priorities more in order. My ducks are mostly in a row at this point which is a huge relief. :)  Aside from a few remote twinges that come infrequently, it appears that I have fought and won my battle with jealousy as it pertains to A. There are still things that come up that are totally different that hit me in the chest sometimes, but I find it easier to deal with everyday. I truly am a lucky girl.

Work is stupid busy, which usually be a shitty thing, but I'm feeling good about it. I'm staying busy and constantly taking on more work as well as more challenging work, I could really use a raise though. [who counldn't?] I'll keep plugging along though in hopes that they will finally take away that dreadful "department assistant" title and I will be left to love on my more popular, "legal secretary" title. Stay tuned.

My life is also good because of the amazing people I have in it. I wouldn't be around if it wasn't for them and I sure as hell wouldn't be as SANE!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I'm off to get my hair done and to run around in the rain and be merry. *muah*

- G.

† Werk Darling †

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