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Friday, February 24, 2012

Diva Destruction

Diva Destruction

My heart breaks.
Scars turn red to pink and back again.
Sadness fills empty places.
Places best filled with 
love and kindness.
A sweet touch, 
a warm embrace.
The shadow's kiss is
the devil's face. 
My screams ring out
in the cold of this night and
these nightmare's rarely
fade with the dawning of the light.

I close my eyes and all
I can see is the tourniquet
and the blood drawing
quick into cold glass vials.
Vacant eyes turned
numb with lithium.
Vacant windows stung harshly with
your 6am incandescent light
and your incessant need to 
play vampire and take my life.
Your camera monitors my 
sweet slow suicide as you push 
pills into my hand like candy.
A stranger's wet dream.

The memory will never fade.
This memory of mania
and debilitating depression.
My deja-vu of destruction
and the dream of a glamorous demise. 

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