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Monday, January 16, 2012

Love as Thou Wilt

Things happen when they are supposed to. When you are ready to take them on. When you are ready to conquer. Search and destroy. Rip down the walls you were taught and if you're me, "Just go with it."

Earlier tonight on the wall of the stall of the women's bathroom at AFK.

"Love as Thou Wilt"

Infamous words of Jacqueline Carey's Diety "Elua" in the Kushiel Legacy novels. And in that moment, a clarity breaking forth from the clouds and a ray of the most despised sun in my world. Despised for what it initially is and then loved for the warmth it brings and contains.

Love as thou wilt.

Enough to bring tears to my eyes many hours later. And enough insight, foresight and guidance that I need to get me through these next days. Emotions to fill the breadth and width of all heights that are contained within me. Fictional words, from a fictional being from this fictional book that I just happen to be reading right now? That pairs with "In the House of Slaves" by Evelyn Lau, poetry I have been going to bed with?

Things happen when they are supposed to.

Just go with it.

And in these lessons and the twist on my morality, light breaks forth like clarity through the eyes of the blind. When perhaps to question is to err and to accept as is, well is to love. It is to Love as Thou Wilt and love those that are tied so closely with ones that you love. That breaking down the doors and walls and ceilings of our own imaginings to embrace something that may be completely foreign but is completely right. How can it be that something that is unknown can breed such familiarity and hope? I feel like I have unconditional love for it all, for everyone, for myself.

Progress breeds leniency and obedience gains love and this acceptance makes my heart soar.

The most important lesson that I can think of tonight? Love as Thou Wilt and don't look back, not even for a moment.

- G.

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