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Thursday, August 18, 2011

#8 - My Beliefs [or lack thereof]

My Beliefs

I don't believe in god.

I don't believe in organized religion.

I believe in being a good person. Not because you're going to get a reward in the afterlife, but because you genuinely care about your fellow human beings.

I don't believe in karma, I do believe that some of us will just go through life suffering more than others.

I believe that life is random. That being somewhere at the wrong time is just the way that it goes. Being somewhere at the right time is the way it goes as well.

I believe that society as a whole will steadily get worse and worse until there is nothing but anarchy.

I believe that there are greater emotions that exist other than love but because society puts so much emphasis on so-called norms, we can't focus on anything but the old adage, "You're not somebody until somebody loves you." [Perhaps adage is the wrong word here, as adage pertains to transmitting wisdom and this saying is anything but wise.]

I do believe in love and I do believe that love can conquer many things but first we have to conquer them ourselves.

I believe that we should all be free to believe whatever we want without others putting us down or trying to push on us things that we have already dismissed as, at least to us, un-believable.

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