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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#7 - A Moment [or two!]

There are two moments that come to mind when I think of "a moment." The first is that moment when I finally stopped hurting. When the pain of a broken heart just vanishes into a puff of smoke and you're free to live your life again. That moment when you no longer feel like you're dragging around a thousand emotions and the weight of the world. It's this moment that I think about often and that I secretly wish that I will never feel again. Sadly, I know it will not be so. I will feel the pain of heartbreak again, I will just be better prepared for when it does happen.

A second moment that I have been carrying around with me for the past month was the view from V's penthouse condo in Vancouver. I swear my jaw must have dropped to the floor and stayed there for 10 minutes. I have never, ever seen a view like that before. I've been up and down the sea to sky highway and on top of tall buildings, but it was nothing like this one. I think the reason that it was special was because it was personal. At that moment, that view of the city lights and the dark inky sky was just mine. No one else could see it and no one else could have it. And after that moment, I put it away inside my heart. Perhaps that was the catalyst for my healing and perhaps that is why I feel so light these days. Finding something, even something someone had no idea that they gave to you and making it your own. So thanks V. -- even though you will never see this -- for giving me something that you didn't even know you could give. My city, my heart.

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