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Thursday, July 21, 2011



It was staring straight at me.
It was real and alive for that moment
The scene,
the view inside my heart
Sparkling city lights,
punctuated by stars
and you brought me to it
like you could see it within me.
You made it come to life.

I could have stood on that ledge forever.
Watching, waiting.
Day turn to night,
and night back to day.
Standing and waiting.
Summer's Lust to Autumn's Bliss.
Perhaps the frozen touch of Winter's Kiss.

You found my heart's true love
and I bet you didn't even know it.
How precious that moment was,
or the relief that it gave me.
Just what I needed to feel again.
Started my heart beating again.


  1. Love it, it's phenomenal and reanimating, it feels good to feel

  2. It does feel nice to feel again...or should I say allow myself to feel again. <3