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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Long, Farewell.

If you've been around me at all in the past month or so, you'll have noticed that I have been taking more frequent visits to Vancouver. I've been scouting it out so to speak because I am/was toying around with the idea of moving back.

I have decided that I want to be back in Vancouver by October of 2012. This wasn't an easy decision but one that I hope many of you will support. I am torn between two equally wonderful worlds.

Seattle was the world I escaped to. I married young and when that didn't work out, I chose to stay because of my job and later a wonderful man. Well I'm single and my job has become stagnant. Even though I continually am promoted and receive regular raises I don't feel like I am moving up fast enough for my liking. I have and will continue to have so many wonderful friends that have become like family to me. People that have helped me so much in my life in so many ways. My heart aches for leaving them, and I wish I could bring you all with me. My parents aren't getting any younger and I want to be close to them even though we are in two provinces.

The city that I made my home for the past 7 years is not the one that I wish to continue living in. I believe that I have gone as far as I can here, and I'm ready to conquer Vancover once again. I'm ready to close this book of my life here in Seattle and start a new one in Vancouver. It hurts me terribly to be at the end of this book, but it has a happy ending.

Vancouver will always hold my heart wherever I go. It is this hold on me that pulls my strings and pulls me up north. It is the promise of something different and something unique. I will return to my "home and native land" a changed person. A woman that has had so many wonderful experiences and has learned lesson after lesson about who she is, and how she works. Seattle was my catalyst but I must always go forward and to follow my heart.

I love you all so much.

Now no sad faces. Things happen and minds change and obstacles are always put in our way. A year is a long time and one that I am determined to make the most out of. Won't you help me make the most of it?

As I sit here, tears roll down my cheeks, but there is a smile across my face. My decision is the definition of bittersweet.

~ G.


  1. Well Gennifer, I am glad to hear you have come to a decision on this matter. A decision I believe will prove a healing balm to your heart. I am glad I've gotten to know you in the short time we've known one another.I imagine we can fit a whole lot of fun times and memories in the next year or so (and really Vancouver isn't that far away so I'll have to head up there and bug you sometime). You are loved, and you are awesomesauce. Best wishes in wherever your journey takes you.


  2. Oh, sweetheart. While I will (of course) miss your delightful presence and lovely face, hopefully you know I want only what is best for you. I support any decision you make about your future!

    A year is plenty of time to make some wonderful final memories, and Vancouver is not so very far away. Visits will certainly happen if you would like them to.

    Hugs and affection,