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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Believe This Is The End, Beloved.


What we had was nothing short of magnificent. I can look back now at all the time we spent together and no longer feel the regret of being in your arms. My regret born out of the intensity of pain and perceived helplessness. I have lost it somewhere behind me and I am thankful to be moving on. I can look back on it and marvel at what you made me feel and what you helped me achieve. The good times, the bad ones and all of those ones inbetween. Two years of love and laughter. Two years of happiness. How lucky I am to have ever been through so much with you. To hear your voice call my name, to hear your voice proclaim your love. My heart yearns to find that again, to feel that intensity. I am not longer afraid of opening my heart.

I hope that one day you find her, that one that's meant to be. No longer do I feel the pain, of her not being me.

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  1. I have to say Gennifer, this is one of if not the best thing I've seen you pen. It's so freeing to be able to look fondly on what you've had without letting pain forever stain precious memory. It brings me great joy to see your oft battered heart rise to it's feet and search again.

    You will find what you seek and it will be more vibrant and thought consuming than you could believe possible. You are an amazing soul my friend and I love you.

    - Eric