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Friday, May 20, 2011

30 Days in More than 30 - Topic #5 - Your Definition of Love


First of all, if you haven't gone back and read what I wrote about love oh a couple of posts down, do so. I'll wait.

My Definition of love is neither simple nor complex in that it is both at the same time.

"Is simplicity best? Or simply the easiest? The narrowest paths, are also the holiest." [Thank you Depeche Mode]

I'm not sure if I believe in love anymore. I know that black thing within my chest does and there are days when she is ruthless and unsatisfied with the course of action I have set out for us. I digress.

Love is that all encompassing feeling of being home. Love is about always thinking of the other person, even when they are not around. Looking at books and seeing their face reflected in the cover. Perhaps you watch a movie and see their name in the credits. It's upfront and realistic, yet it is a dream. It's romance, circumstance and happenstance.

Love is something that I wish I could ignore and live without. It's something that I wished I never felt and could banish from ever falling prey to feeling again. It's a delight to watch in others, but such a torture to feel in myself.

Love is pain and pain is love and Billy Corgan says Love is Suicide.

My definition of love, I'm sure, isn't a popular one, but right now, its one that I need. Failing to feel and banishing those emotions to the inner most place inside me. Hopefully, I'll forget where I put it.

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