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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hold Hostage, My Heart

I feel sick to my stomach and I am way off balance.
I'm allowing things said to me by an unmedicated person,
effect my feelings of self-worth.

Am I really mean?
Do I manipulate?

Or is my only sin and guilt the one that
comes from telling the truth?
For not wanting to hurt someone that
is genuine,
but who obviously needs help.

My heart breaks because I saw so much potential.
Yes, I have a heart.
She may be black and cruel and locked away,
but she beats.
"Fragments of joy torn apart.
A freshly drained heart that beats
disguise themselves through him.
He’ll say that it’s nothing new,
and swear this is true.
For you, I’ll swallow the ocean"

- "On the Arrow" - AFI

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