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Monday, November 8, 2010

Winter Can be Warm

Here's the cute little tea box with the cuddly lemur. Below is my Cardinal Cup with some tastiness brewing. Perfect for thawing me out after my trip to the pet store.

p.s. your link today is what I looked like while waiting for the bus in the cold. not a happy birdie.


  1. Nice cardinal cup! This post makes me want to make a similar one with my favorite Watchmen mug.

    I've tried but have yet to really get into any flavored black teas or herbal teas aside from peppermint. For me it's generally gunpowder green tea with honey every morning and sometimes peppermint at night. Keep in mind I can't have coffee though (curses!)

  2. The cardinal cup is awesome because I got it for free in the laundry room!!