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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold, Cold Heart

Ode to Winter, My Love
From this height, I can see everything you've spread across the city.
I see bright lights twinkling through white flakes dusting by.
You give me that feeling in my heart, of love, of beauty.
Your beauty.

You surround me as I walk, stroll across the depths of you.
No one can see it save the scarf embracing my lips, a smile.
I take my time, even though your adversary chills me.
Looking in the eyes of those who pass me, desolation.
Why is everyone so scared of you?

Every year you come a different way and make me beg for your touch.
I surround myself in layers to prevent you from taking me too fast.
Throughout it all a part of me is fulfilled, a part of me is left in limbo.
The days pass by and I am drowning in your presence, your touch.
You follow me, press against me while I sleep.

The emptiness, the longing are my constant companions.
My skin has now turned blue, matching the inside.
My tears frozen solid.
Cracking, I blow away.

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