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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Renewal and then Betrayal

"You've betrayed me." she said looking in the mirror. Black mascara streaking milky cheeks and a look of pure hell radiated from her eyes.

1. Chemicals, Lithium, the formula for happiness tattooed across the inside of her forearm. Red ink etched into flesh. Immortal words. Beethoven's Immortal beloved.

2. Red lines, upon paper flesh, upon those words unspoken.

She throws her fist into the glass, the shards break the skin as the image breaks in front of her eyes. How can one betray themselves? How can one's own nature and so-called human condition turn against everything inside. Cells fighting cells and thoughts the cause of actions not fully realized.

Happiness betrayed by grandeur. Grandeur exposes weaknesses upon that fine line. The lines break across the sky like lightening. Pure white. Electric emotion breaks upon the shore as her body breaks through the glass.

Dawn breaks and although she is scattered across the highway, the first rays of scorching heat put everything back together again.

She is/has [w]on[e] least for another 23 hours.


  1. *tilts head*

    I am interested and confused.

  2. I love your writing, as always :) *smooch*

  3. Visceral and manic Gennifer, I love it. A true expression of real emotion.

  4. Vanessa sometimes you just gotta go with your confusion. ;)