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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cry for You, Feel for You

I saw the Pablo Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum today. I honestly must not be an art lover because I wasn't that impressed. The further into the exhibit I went, the more I found myself disturbed more than anything else. Perhaps it was the fan making creepy noises in the large room or maybe I just found that his art hit me on a level I wasn't prepared for. Picasso's Weeping Woman series got me the most and especially number four which I have placed above. The woman, although a little disfigured and abstract is a complete emotional mess. I'm sure right after she posed for this the poor women fell to the floor and started screaming.

The sketch disturbed me with its rawness. Can one have empathy for a painting?


  1. One can definitely have empathy for a painting. And that is one disturbing painting.

  2. I've always felt a bit out of it in regards to Picasso. I can appreciate his work in regards to the politics of the time, but otherwise I've never been able to appreciate them the way other people do. I've always hoped they'd better in person though.

  3. Dora Maar~

    Picasso said he never could paint her with a smile.