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Sunday, October 17, 2010

ἄθεος [atheos]

I guess I kind of made it official.
I'm okay with that.
Now I just need to learn as to what to say,
when they ask why I don't believe...


  1. "It's a simple faith, but a great comfort to me in these dark times."

  2. It's great hubris to definitively believe or not believe ANYthing. I'm skeptical.

  3. "When people are encouraged to see the world as is is and wonder where it came from and what it means, they are ready to learn. Just as those who eventually turn away from religion begin by asking questions, those who raise the questions can establish their worldviews on the basis of evidence and reason rather than dogma. They can engage the world directly without having to cut through a shroud of preconception."

    ---Greg Graffin.