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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Building On the Other Side of The Glass

I don't even care if anyone is reading this. Everything is a release when I can put pen to paper, or fingers to keys. Is it possible that things can change in an instant? Yes they can. Life can change, people can die and the birds fly away. Focusing on the moment, on you, on what you're doing can be just as fulfilling as it can be heartbreaking. My realizations and motivations come forth on a daily basis now and though sometimes they are the same, more often than not they fill that emptiness that plagues my thoughts. Those quiet moments when something is whispered into my ear and I can take that moment to contemplate.

While waiting to be called in for some blood tests, I just looked out the window at the gray building beside me. Wondering why you would place a window here just so I could look out into something I was already in. Perhaps it was just a mirror and I was seeing where I already was, or even in this case, where I had already been. What once was a mirror, has dissolved into pure glass. I can see my way into the world, and hopefully the world can see in.

I wrote a poem while in that waiting room and although I rarely edit my poetry, I think this one needs a second look. I shall post tomorrow.


  1. I'm reading 'this'. It is a release writing, isn't it? I get a great deal of pleasure from it. Writing has changed my life and for the better. We all get forced to change from time to time. Some of us will be courageous enough to make changes ourselves. Change is good, when we choose it. That build seems to have a building in it. Does this inner building have a building it it? Are they stacked in infinite regression like Russian Dolls? Are we?

  2. I had/have the courage to change myself but I believe that there has to be that catalyst. Sometimes the catalyst can be a couple of words or a huge event, either way it provides us the initial motivation to make the changes. It's of our own volition and courage that we choose to continue on our journey and the catalyst becomes the thing we are thankful for.