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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Practice What You Preach

"Now sure, some of them *were* hers and she had every right to take those. However, some of them *I* purchased. The remainder were a birthday present from her - which, I might add, marked the *only* occasion in the nearly 5 years I was with her that she actually gave me anything for my birthday. So that's double fun! Only one present in 5 years, and she later stole it back."

The above quote is from an entry my maybe-one-day-ex-husband made about a year ago. He's referencing old vintage postcards. First of all, none of the ones that I took were purchased by him. Secondly, I think that taking the ones I gave him for his birthday was all but fair. You see what he does fail to mention in his post is the fact that there were collaborative birthday presents with his mom, oh and even though it wasn't on a birthday, how about that fucking TK STORMTROOPER ARMOUR and all its accoutrements that cost both of us well over $700. Perhaps the fucking XBOX 360 I put on my credit card can also be a testament to everything I stole. Well if we're going to get all tantrummy, how about all those XBOX games that I bought for me to play that I don't have in my possession? Go ahead and stamp your feet little mamma's boy but my piece de resistance is the entire year that you spent my money on videogames, action figures, comic books, movies and other assorted shit. I went off to work to pay the motherfucking rent, on my feet all day and you stayed at home pretending to look for work, spending my money and complaining when I asked you to wash the dishes. Don't use your "depression" as an excuse and then fucking slag on me for being on medication you hypocrite.

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