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Monday, July 12, 2010

Ava Dement1a #4 - Who Will Save Your Soul? [Part I]

Taken from my Livejournal.
Originally Published
May 3rd, 2010
This is the electronic version of my zine, Ava Dement1a.

I don't need gills
I don't want to be the one to pull you down.
Down to where I am.
These depths are haunting.
Hypnotic to the ear, to the eye and to the heart.

Swift arms grab pieces of me,
and drag them down.
Pull them to the sea to drown.
Kicking and pulling at nothing.
Water rushing through my fingers
and I cannot hold onto anything.

Drowning is nice because you
Can only hear your screams,
muffled by the water.
Not all that dangerous on its own
but when it all gets together,
It quickly swarms over your head,
and is welcomed into your throat.
Reluctantly at first
and then with the utmost abandon.


  1. This is most felt. You reminded me of one of my old poems.


    Lily was young, not at all hopeless,
    but in the cold, hungry and homeless.
    People wanted her soul,
    people wanted all

    No trace, no clue,
    eyes gone dim, lips gone blue.
    No fear, nor ache
    at the bottom of the lake

    Silence whispers tenderly,
    willow weeping over me...
    deeper, deeper you could see,
    if you look most carefully

    Unwashable memories,
    no stains of blood,
    crashed and burnt pieces
    disposed in the mud,
    unseen underneath
    the big shoes of remorse
    while walking away
    in predictable course

    Lily was here

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