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Friday, September 11, 2009

Indeed It Has Been a While My Friends...

Welcome to all of those who lurk within the shadows. The ones that take the smallest of glances in hopes of feeding some sort of thing that lives within. I know you are there, and you know that I am there. Watching, waiting, wondering when the perfect time will be. I actually know the perfect time, I have it blocked off on my calendar and it is waiting ever so patiently for your arrival. Everything is ready to go, and this time, I think it might be personal.

What the heck else has been going on with me? Changes are constant as I fight my way through the world that I live in. Nothing ever stays the same, and change is something I have learned to love. What am I loving these days? I'm loving my new position at work that allows me to do different things at different times of the day. Daily tasks that are constant, and then those things that come out of the blue that make me smile. Learning more about the legal process and the way that the law works is fascinating -- it gives me insight into what I will be taking when I go back to school next year. Tuition reimbursement is the single best benefit that I have from my job. Seattle Central here I come. My work also allows me to work closely with people that I respect and admire. People that don't allow things to get into their way, instead, find a way around them, and make the situation work. Isn't life like that anyways? Finding ways around things that don't quite work?

My health physically isn't the best lately. I have gotten the cold of doom and it has settled into a nice little home in my chest. I have learned from my bout of pneumonia and have made an appointment with the doctor on Monday. I'm sure it will require another chest x-ray and some inhalers, but whatever it takes. Luckily it is just nearing the beginning of autumn, and we're not in full blown flu season yet. [Note to sickly self - a flu shot and a pneumonia shot would do wonders for winter.]

Speaking of Winter - my friend will be coming back shortly, but not without a visit from wonderful Autumn. This time of year always gets to me. Perhaps its my birthday around the corner, or perhaps it is the best holiday ever --Halloween, but there is just something that sets my heart soaring. I miss dressing in layers, breaking out the wool tights and sewing new bloomers with intricate lace. Cuddling with Beloved under blankets and watching movies all night. Cute boots, fluffy skirts with ample petticoats and velvet blazers. [I do think that I'm taking more fashion queues from Jilli these days.] Let's not forget the beloved Petals from the Torture Garden Lip Service coat and all those cute Blacklist outfits!! Dressing for the season is one of my favorite things.

My birthday is coming up and this year I refuse to sit back and wait for a cake to be baked, or not baked, or not eaten. This year I'm making it different, and this year its all about me. It's been a while since my birthday has actually been about me. There will be the weekend after that will host at the minimum of two evenings of going out. [Clubs to be determined.] A dinner at a location that I'm taking back from the old memories of marriage and bringing it into the new life. I will pamper myself with two new LS outfits of hotness with new hair and new nails. [yes - I finally get to return to the salon!] It will be the definitive weekend of excess and I hope to share it with some very close friends.

My writing is going very well. Most recently a dream in which I was very confused with and somewhat annoyed with proved just the inspiration that I needed to start work on quite the fantastic story. Sadly, no Zombies taking over the world, or cheesy Vampires in Eastern Europe. Part biographical, part waaaaay off fantasy life, I think it will turn out all right. Certainly not a novel, hopefully a novella. Now I just need to get out of the habit of writing prose for once. Hrm? Or perhaps I can take a cue from Nabokov.

I'm very content with where my life is at this point. Sure there are a few things that I would like to change and they will change, but right now I feel like there is peace over everything. I feel like my life is a calm winter night with a blanket of snow covering everything. Peaceful, still, and silent. Silence is where it is at these least for me.

~ G.