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Monday, November 3, 2008

A New Apartment

First things first, lets talk about the move shall we? Or should we talk about the quirkiness that is my new apartment? I think that quirky is pretty much my middle name now, and this apartment suits me to a T, or should I say it suits me to a "G"?

Open the door to my apartment and you either look straight at my shower curtain, or you'll be hit up with an image of yourself if the door is closed. There is a huge mirror on the back of the bathroom door. I outfitted my small but cozy bathroom with the cutest of shower curtains from Sin in Linen. ( It's the forever tattoo print in the almond colourway, but its more like an antiqued white. I put a deep red oriental place mat on the back of the toilet and on top of that my St. Michael prayer candle and a beautiful framed picture of the Madonna and Child complete with Swarovski crystals around the frame and on the picture. (I'm not exactly religious anymore, but I love religious imagery.) Next on the to purchase list is a black bathroom mat so my feet don't freeze after I get out of the shower. :P

In the hallway just as you come in, is a small antique wooden telephone stand, but I don't have a telephone on it. It has my 12 inch tall Virgin Mary statue with the removable gold halo on it. Surrounding her is some fake roses and she stands on a Japanese paper doily. I haven't finished setting it up yet, but eventually she'll have candles and incense as well.

There is a little alcove right next to the bathroom, and in there is my rolling plastic containers, containing my toiletries and my stationary as well as miscellaney items that I really can't find a spot for at the moment. Beside the containers is my bass amp and bass guitar in case. I'm going to start playing again I think. I need a new hobby and I need to start using things that are taking up space. I can't remember the last time I played my bass guitar, but I should play it again, or at least attempt to learn how to play it. :P

So now that you've been introduced to the bathroom and the entry way, lets go on in to the kitchen and the walk in closet, that incidentally is in the kitchen. The kitchen has all new stove and fridge in it, as well as faux granite counter top that eventually will serve as my table. The fridge has two beer, two energy drinks and a carton of half and half in it for right now. I did have a whole bunch of beer, but I drank most of it in the past week. :P

On the counter is my precious, precious stereo, with whom I am finally getting reacquainted with. You see the poor dear has been sitting in a box for the past almost 5 years with not a single goth CD to play. My reasoning behind that was that there was just no room in my old apartment, and that when Ryan and I got our own place that it would be put in the living room and we would have good times. Well obviously that never happened because of the failing-ness that was my marriage. I was so happy to take the thing out of the box and set it up a couple of days ago, once again hearing that fabulous music coming out of its speakers. *le sigh* I also forgot how awesome the bass was on it! Volume two keeps me quite happy! :)

Right off of the kitchen in the corner is my walk in closet. A quirky detail of the closet is that it has two windows in it. I'm pretty sure that it was never meant to be a walk in closet, but that is fine with me. I put my dresser in there against one wall and have all of my velvet, lacy and Gothy clothes hanging in all of their glory. (Don't you just love how I personify my possessions?) Aside from a few items of coloured clothing, it is literally a sea of black. *swoon*

In my teeny tiny hallway between the kitchen and the main living area are two closets. The first one is going to be my multi-purpose closet. It has many shelves and some will be storage, some will be linens, some will be filled with all of those kitchen items I can't seem to fit in my small kitchen. :P One shelf will be taken up by things like my jewelry box and assorted other items that I used to have on my dresser, but can't now because the dresser is in the closet flanked by clothes. The other closet in the hallway will be for storage as well as my bedding when I have my bed in the wall.

The living area is obviously the largest of the rooms. It has nice hardwood floors and a Murphy bed! ( The picture on the top right is EXACTLY what mine looks like. My parents came down and bought me a brand new mattress, Cynthia my old roommate bought me a brand new mattress pad. I bought black satin sheets, a pair of red pillow cases, three new pillows and the most kick ass duvet cover EVER! Once again by Sin In Linen.( Notice how its called the exact same thing as my blog! The best part of it, was the smokin' deal I got on it. At Bed Bath and Beyond it was on the clearance rack. It retails on the site for $100, at the store it retailed for $80, and I bought it for a measly $30! They had a ton of deals going on. So if you live in the Seattle area, I highly recommend that you check it out. The rest of my living room is filled with my bookcase, TV stand with TV and DVD player and my "candle corner". I have a ton of candles set up as an alternative to using electricity, seeing as now I have to pay for it. :P

I almost have everything set up, and when I do, I shall take pictures and post them for all to see. I need to do a little restoration work on my huge Trent Reznor poster that ALWAYS goes up in the living room. You see this thing has been following either myself, my sister or one of her best friends around for ages. It just has to go up because that is the way it goes! I also have to assemble the glow in the dark skeleton, that also follows the same rules as Trent. It's special, it needs to go up, and its spooky! What more can a Goth girl ask for?

I love all the quirkiness I have to follow. Certain traditions that I don't want to break. The skeleton and the giant Trent poster. Things that connect me with my past, as well as provide a certain level of comfort. I always thought it was so cool when I would go and visit my sisters apartment and see the giant Trent on the wall, or the glow in the dark skeleton hanging from a noose. I think that it was the little things that shaped me. Although I do believe that my older sister had a lot to do with the darkness I inherited.

Pictures to follow soon my lovelies!

~ G.


  1. sounds great, hun - can't wait for the pictures. from what you've written, 'tis a most enviable habitat.!

  2. That sounds like a fantastic place! :)